Can I Eat Pizza with a Temporary Crown?

Can I Eat Pizza with a Temporary Crown?

Jun 01, 2023

Are you getting a dental crown on a severely decayed or damaged tooth? Are you wondering whether you can eat pizza with a temporary crown? You are not the first person to consider it neither will you be the last.

Patients getting dental crowns all worry about whether they can have pizza with temporary crowns. This article looks to answer your question by looking at different scenarios when eating pizza with temporary crowns is considered safe.

Temporary Crowns Explained

When searching for a tooth crown in 98801, you receive information about how your tooth structure needs removal to accommodate a permanent crown that needs fabrication in a dental lab after tooth preparation. The dental lab needs three weeks to custom-create your crown, but the dentist ensures your tooth is protected by providing temporary acrylic crowns as a placeholder for your permanent restoration.

Temporary crowns made from acrylic and fitted over your tooth for protection and to keep the area around the tooth clean. However, the acrylic material is not durable and requires care when eating with it.

Eating Pizza with a Temporary Crown

When you seek dental crowns near me to try to protect one or two damaged teeth and not all the teeth in your mouth. Therefore you will likely have a couple of temporary crowns in your mouth to make it possible for you to eat pizza with the temporary restoration. However, you must be cautious when eating pizza. You should avoid eating complex, crunchy, or chewy foods with temporary repairs because they can damage them. In addition, you must refrain from eating any foods with plenty of sauces because they can loosen the interim restoration causing it to fall out.

If you must have pizza with a temporary crown over your tooth, you must ensure you cut the food into small pieces making it easier to chew. In addition, you must aim to keep the temporary crown on the tooth until you receive your permanent restoration making every effort not to damage it. The restrictions are merely for three weeks which is comfortably managed by avoiding pizza until you get your tooth restored with a permanent dental crown.

Potential Risks of Eating Pizza with a Temporary Dental Crown

Damaging the temporary crown when eating pizza is a potential risk best avoided. The acrylic helping make temporary crowns less durable than a permanent crown. Therefore when you bite on hard and crunchy foods, they can cause the temporary restoration to break.

If you damage the temporary crown, you will find it challenging to get a new protective device over your teeth, depending on the type of interim restoration you have on your teeth. It might be a week before you can get a new temporary crown on your tooth, exposing it to your mouth bacteria to create more damage.

If you cannot resist pizza with a temporary crown on the tooth, you must take adequate precautions to prevent damaging the crown and needing a fresh one.

Precautions to Teeth When Eating Pizza with a Temporary Dental Crown

When eating pizza with a temporary crown, you must remain mindful of your food. It would help if you avoided hard or crunchy toppings like onions, olives, and peppers because they can put excessive pressure on the temporary restoration causing it to break. In addition, you must cut the pizza into small pieces to maintain better control of your bite and avoid large chunks of the savory to prevent it from remaining trapped between your teeth.

If you experience discomfort when eating pizza with a temporary crown, it is essential to immediately stop eating and contact the dental crown in Wenatchee, WA. The dentist will assess the damage to the temporary restoration to determine whether it needs replacement or the tooth needs additional treatment.

Tips for Eating Pizza with Temporary Crowns

Extra care is required when eating pizza with temporary crowns. Some tips for enjoying your favorite slice without damaging your temporary crown are below.

  • Cut the pizza into small pieces to control your bite better.
  • Avoid crunchy and hard toppings like peppers, olives, and onions.
  • Chew carefully and slowly to avoid putting excessive pressure on the temporary restoration.
  • If you experience discomfort, refrain from eating and contact your dentist immediately.

If you need restorations over a damaged tooth, you can receive dental crowns from Sunrise Dental in Wenatchee but must endure temporary crowns for three weeks until the dental lab fabricates your permanent restoration. Learn about the precautions you must take to protect the temporary crown over your tooth from the provider to ensure you don’t damage it.

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