Do I Need a Crown after a Root Canal?

Do I Need a Crown after a Root Canal?

Nov 01, 2022

After root canal therapy, a dental crown represents the final step for exterior protection of the tooth. Unfortunately, many people have misconceptions about dental crowns, especially after root canals, because they don’t want to hear they need a dental cap.

The straightforward answer to the question of whether a dental crown is essential after root canal therapy is yes. The procedure weakens the structure of your tooth, making it necessary for something to maintain its integrity. However, before looking at other factors that might necessitate dental crowns, let us understand the basics of root canal therapy.

What Exactly Is Root Canal Therapy?

Occasionally when you allow tooth decay to progress untreated, you develop pulpitis, an infection of the dental pulp. Chips or cracks in the tooth or repeated procedures are causes of dental pulp infection, as stated by the American Association of Endodontists. When dental pulp infections develop, root canal treatment in Wenatchee becomes essential to preserve your tooth.

Endodontic dentists are specialists in performing root canals to treat infections at the core of your tooth. When you accept the proposal of the Wenatchee dentist to undergo root canal therapy, they remove the infected or inflamed dental pulp within your tooth before sterilizing, filling, and closing the tooth.

If infected teeth cause severe pain, endodontic therapy relieves the pain entirely. In addition, as the dental pulp nourishing your tooth is removed, a dental crown becomes essential to strengthen it.

Reasons Necessitating the Need for Dental Crowns after Root Canal Therapy

The strength of your tooth weakens considerably after undergoing root canal therapy. Therefore you need some strengthening material to fortify the tooth. Although you can manage with a dental filling, dentists recommend a dental crown in Wenatchee after the procedure. The dental crown helps the tooth to recover faster and restore its appearance and functionality. In addition, the crown covers the broken tooth and protects it from additional damage.

When undergoing root canal therapy, you receive anesthesia to relieve pain from the procedure. However, you experience sensitivity when the anesthesia wears off, besides mild pain. Fortunately, the pain is from the treatment and not from the infected dental pulp like earlier.

Root canal treatment leaves some nerves in your teeth sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. The sensitivity can get uncomfortable and is a reason why dental crowns become necessary.

Crowns Help Maintain the Natural Appearance of Your Teeth

Dental crowns are custom created to match the appearance of your natural teeth. If, after undergoing endodontic treatment, you want to restore your smile, dental crowns can help you achieve your goal. Sometimes your teeth may change color after receiving this treatment. In such cases, you might find a dental crown beneficial to make your tooth appear natural. The dental crown remains indistinguishable in your mouth and unnoticeable to the people around you.

Dental crowns also help prevent and reduce the risk of infections. Your tooth remains vulnerable to infections and contamination after receiving root canal treatment. Therefore dentists recommend you reinforce your tooth with a Crown because it provides additional security by helping your tooth remain healthy and functional besides causing minimal pain when chewing. In addition, dental crowns are not merely for aesthetic purposes because they play a significant role in keeping your mouth free from the risk of infections by encasing the tooth and preventing contamination or further infection. Dental crowns are particularly important if your tooth is already damaged because it holds the fragmented pieces together, preventing further destruction.

Discover More about the Dental Crown Process and Its Benefits

If recommended a dental crown after root canal treatment, do not be intimidated. Visit the dental office near you to learn more about how dental crowns after endodontic treatment elevate the chances of your tooth surviving the treatment during your healing. In addition, the dental crown helps bring your smile back, maintain it in healthy condition and prevent the risk of infections affecting it.

Dental crowns are essential restorations for your weakened tooth after receiving root canal treatment. You can inquire about the costs of the repair, procedure, and benefits of restoring your teeth with a durable dental crown that helps cover your tooth for over a decade before needing replacements with excellent dental hygiene.

If you want additional knowledge about dental crowns, Sunrise Dental of Wenatchee provides them and can help you with the details you need. Kindly visit the practice to get your tooth restored with a dental crown after undergoing endodontic treatment.

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