Link Between High Blood Pressure and Healthy Teeth

Link Between High Blood Pressure and Healthy Teeth

Jun 01, 2022

Hypertension is the primary cause of heart disease and high blood pressure. But have you ever thought it’s connected with oral health?¬†Yes, oral health impacts overall body health. People diagnosed with hypertension if they have gum diseases face complications in controlling blood pressure. They find it difficult to manage normal blood pressure. If your teeth are healthy, your overall health will be at its best, including hypertension.

It’s a general scenario when you go to your dentist to treat any dental issue, blood pressure fluctuates automatically. There are very few people who connect overall body health with oral health, it’s true. Read below to know the link between teeth and blood pressure.

Connection Between BP and Teeth

There is a strong connection between oral health and the overall well-being of the human body. If you have sore or bleeding gums, you will feel body inflammation and a rise in blood pressure. Bleeding gums has an impact on veins and arteries.

Oral health is not only connected with cardiovascular health but digestion also. The human body gets energy from food. It gets digested when chewed appropriately.

Good digestion means a good extraction of minerals from the food you eat. When there is proper extraction, your body will get all the essential nutrients.

People pay the least attention to their oral health. It is not a thing one should ignore. Good oral health results in overall well-being. So, one should pay full attention to keeping their oral health up to date.

How to Maintain a Good Oral Health?

Check out the tips below to maintain good oral health:

Brush and Floss Regularly

Brushing is crucial to keep your teeth healthy and safe from bacteria. We humans have only one natural set of teeth that we have to use lifelong. Brushing is a fundamental activity when it comes to boosting oral health.

One should inculcate this habit into their children from early childhood. So, they can realize the importance of their oral health. Bacteria grow inside the mouth because of the accumulation of food particles. Regular brushing and flossing help one get rid of the accumulation of food.

The second important thing is to keep your mouth clean is the products you use. Consult your dentist at the dental clinic near you to have a good quality toothpaste and mouthwash. Plus, don’t forget to learn about the techniques for brushing and flossing.

Keeping your teeth healthy means keeping your whole body healthy. Brush your teeth at least two times a day. When you eat something sugary, make sure to do deep cleaning of your mouth. Sugary substances are sticky and can get accumulated easily. They result in the formation of bacteria speedily.

Healthy Eating Habits

Healthy eating is essential to maintain blood pressure and overall body health. One should always be aware of the food you are eating. Some specific foods boost oral health like dairy products because they are rich in calcium which is very good for healthy bones teeth are nothing but bones.

Avoid Sugary and Junk Food

Junk food is harmful to overall body health because it is hard to digest and has fewer nutrients. On the other hand, sugary food deteriorates oral health because of its sticky nature. You can replace junk food with fruits and vegetables because they are easy to digest and are full of essential body nutrients.

When you have sugar cravings, eat something soft like chocolate, cakes, and ice creams in place of hard candies. But make sure to rinse your mouth with water after having anything sweet and sugary. Also, avoid sugary beverages as much as possible.

Conduct Regular Visits to the Dentist

Regular dental checkups are as important as regular body checkups. Routine visits will play a significant role in maintaining your oral health because you can track your oral health and resolve any severe dental problems before they get worse.

Good oral health will help to maintain overall body health. Oral health has a connection to overall physical well-being. If you want to know more about dental health and how to resolve dental issues, feel free to contact the dentist in Wenatchee at Sunrise Dental of Wenatchee at any time.

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