Six Dental Care Tips for the Whole Family

Six Dental Care Tips for the Whole Family

Jun 01, 2020

No one is immune to a dental problem and without proper dental care, some of the dental conditions such as decay, cavities, and gum infection can sneak up. Remember, most of these dental problems do not have symptoms in the initial stages. The best way you can prevent any of these conditions from developing is having an impeccable dental hygiene and care. Here are six tips to help you maintain your family’s oral health.

Start Dental Care Early

Establishing proper dental practices early will build the foundation for your children, and the best time to start is in infancy. Although the primary teeth have not emerged yet, it is important to clean the gums every day. The primary teeth form before the baby is born, but come out at six or seven months. The teeth can come out weak if you don’t clean the gums regularly. Furthermore, the breastmilk components can buildup on the gum line causing bad breath and providing a perfect environment for bacteria to grow.

Schedule the first dental visit when the baby is six or seven months (when the first tooth comes out) or right before their first birthday. It is easy for the dentist to detect any potential dental problems if the baby gets regular dental checkups.

Use Preventive Dental Measures

Regular brushing and flossing are effective in preventing cavities. But, when it comes to children, you need protective measures such as dental sealants and pediatric dental crowns. Children are prone to dental cavities more than adults and using these tools will preserve their teeth and dental health.

Pediatric dental crowns are fixed on primary teeth to keep them safe. But, the baby teeth will fall off, so what’s the point? Well, primary teeth preserve the space for the permanent ones and any premature loss will affect the dental structure. Furthermore, gaps in between the teeth can cause the permanent teeth to emerge crooked. The crowns fall off with the primary teeth.

Dental sealants are also important but are applied to permanent teeth. Sealants act as a shield and protect the teeth from bacteria and cavities. Dental sealants can last for a decade with proper care.

Using a mouthguard when playing sports is also vital to prevent any emergency dental care. Mouthguards shield the teeth from direct impact and prevent them from falling out.

Use Fluoride, But Don’t Overdo It

Fluoride is an essential mineral needed by the teeth. It is a natural cavity fighter that helps to prevent decay and strengthen the enamel.

It is important to use fluoride toothpaste to keep your teeth strong but use the correct amounts. For children under three years, use toothpaste the size of a grain of rice to minimize the chances of swallowing. Between three and years, increase the amount to pea-size.

Brush Properly and Effectively

Did you know there is the right technique of brushing the teeth? Most people use the back and forth technique, but dentists say it damages the teeth and gums. The circular motion is recommended for kids because it is easy to learn. Speak to the dental specialist of the best brushing technique to use.

Eat Teeth-Friendly-Foods

Certain food like cheese, yogurt, and whole grains are rich in calcium which is one of the minerals that keep the enamel strong. Phosphorus is the other crucial mineral and is found in eggs, seafood, nuts, and grains.

Vitamin C helps to support the gums too and can be found in citrus fruits, broccoli, and other dark green vegetables.

Get Regular Dental Checkups

Having routine dental checkups and cleaning is the best way to prevent dental conditions. Plus, the dentist can easily detect any problems and address them before it’s too late.

For the best service, consider getting a family dentist. These are specialists trained to diagnose and treat dental needs in all stages.

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