Wenatchee Cosmetic Dentist Discusses Benefits of Denture Stabilization

Wenatchee Cosmetic Dentist Discusses Benefits of Denture Stabilization

Jun 16, 2019

Denture is an amazing solution towards replacing your lost teeth. Dentures appear and function just like natural teeth. Dentures need to be securely placed using dental adhesives. Your dentist in Wenatchee can also anchor your dentures using titanium screws which easily fuses with your jawbone. This process is referred to as denture stabilization.

Dental stabilization is used for holding can be easily installed by a cosmetic dentist in Wenatchee, WA into the jawbone for holding the denture in position while preserving the health of your jawbone.

Denture stabilization benefits the patients not only by holding their dentures in place but also by preventing the shrinkage of the jaw bone which happens when you lose your tooth. These implants fuse which your jawbone via a process known as osseointegration. This helps in stabilization of the denture. Some of the benefits of denture stabilization include:

  • Enables the patient to bite into and chew hard food items, which indicates that the patient has lesser dietary restrictions and can eat whatever they want.
  • Improvement in speech, i.e., no more slurring or mumbling of words.
  • Snug dentures.
  • Retention of the facial structure due to the prevention of loss of jawbone in the future.
  • Helps patients avoid bad-tasting dental adhesives for holding the dentures.
  • Enables improved overall oral health care due to the dentures not adding unnecessary presume onto your gums.
  • Allows the patients to live a normal life and remain less focused on the position and placement of their dentures.

While dental implants can be an additional cost towards your denture, this additional expense is worth it on account of the added benefits to your health, appearance, and self-esteem. Dental implants enable you to eat, speak and smile with confidence and denture stabilization makes denture replacement or lose dentures a thing from the past.

Schedule an appointment with Sunrise Dental of Wenatchee towards knowing more about how to regain your smile, confidence and the ability to bite and eat freely. Our dental team shall examine your mouth to determine whether you are an ideal candidate for a dental implant.

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