Emergency Dental Care in Wenatchee, WA

A Brand-New Smile is Just Over the Horizon

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Have you or a loved one experienced a dental emergency in Wenatchee? Looking for a dental office near you that provides same-day emergency dentistry? At Sunrise Dental of Wenatchee, we are proud to offer a range of treatment options perfect for any of your dental emergencies.

Wenatchee Emergency Dentistry Services

At Sunrise Dental of Wenatchee, we understand that an emergency can happen at any moment of the day and are proud to offer emergency dental care for a range of issues, including:


Are you or a loved one experiencing a sudden toothache? Although toothaches typically evolve over time, on occasion sudden and severe toothaches do occur. We recommend gently brushing your smile and then flossing to try and remove any debris. If your toothache still persists, contact our family dentist in Wenatchee, WA for an appointment.

Damaged Tooth

Have you or a loved one experienced an accident that has resulted in a chipped, cracked or even fractured tooth? While it may not seem like a big deal, even the smallest tooth damage can result in decay and infection. We recommend scheduling an appointment with our Wenatchee emergency dentist as soon as possible.

Damaged/Lost Dental Work

Notice that your dental work is damaged or even missing? We recommend immediately contacting your family dentist in Wenatchee, WA at Sunrise Dental for an appointment so we can repair or restore your dental work, preventing additional issues from occurring.

Partially Dislodged Teeth

Has an accident resulted in a partially dislodged tooth for you or a loved one? We recommend gently rinsing your mouth to clean it and then contacting Sunrise Dental of Wenatchee for an appointment with our emergency dentist near you.

Knocked Out Teeth

Have you or a loved one completely knocked out a tooth? Immediately place the tooth in milk or water and then gently rinse your mouth. Next, contact your trusted family dentistry of Wenatchee, WA – Sunrise Dental for an appointment for same-day emergency dental care.

Visit Our Emergency Dentist in Wenatchee Today

Experiencing a dental emergency and need same-day dental care? Contact Sunrise Dental of Wenatchee. We’d be happy to fit you into our schedule to provide the dental care you need.

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